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The LinkedIn Algorithm Has Changed: 5 Tips to Consider

Social media platforms are ever-evolving. Just when you think you understand how a platform works, a new algorithm will be put into place or new features will pop up. LinkedIn is the only platform of its kind, connecting professionals around the world with career advice, relevant news and job opportunities. Over the past year, the algorithm has changed on LinkedIn and it has become more and more challenging to have your posts seen by connections and beyond. 


While no one will ever fully comprehend how to be “LinkedIn famous,” unless you’re the team behind the schemes, there are some basic tips to follow that will undoubtedly make your reach go further.


  1. Ask yourself: “Is my post relevant?”
    Relevancy will always connect with people more than anything. If your post is discussing a hot topic in the news this week or highlighting someone in a field who is doing great things, then your post will be liked, commented on, and shared by more...
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How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

You may be noticing some recent changes to the interface of Facebook and Instagram. It can be startling, confusing, and annoying, especially if you just got used to the last version. We’re here to let you in on a secret…Facebook and Instagram will never stop updating. We have to adapt and change with the times. With that said, the algorithm is changing as well. Your posts may not be doing as well as they used to and if you are putting effort into your posts, that can be incredibly frustrating. When you work hard, you want to see results.


But there is hope! We have a shortlist of “must-dos” that will absolutely change your success on Instagram. Here at Amplify we always say, “consistency is key.” Trust us, these tips will do wonders for your engagement and success as a business.


  1. Be true to yourself.
    Instagram does not want overly altered images. Avoid doctoring your photos and focus on organic imagery that gives your audience...
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Social Media Safety

Social media can be incredibly effective at connecting you with loved ones, colleagues, and clients, but if it is not monitored correctly, your information can fall into the wrong hands. We’ve heard of a few horror stories recently and wanted to re-share some of the straight-forward tasks that all social media users should consider in order to keep their personal and professional accounts safe.


  • Password Protect Your Phone
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but a phone password is actually not mandatory. If you have apps that contain passwords, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then you should absolutely password protect your phone. If someone were to find your phone and easily access it, they could do damage to your accounts and furthermore steal your accounts.

  • Diversify Your Passwords
    Your password for Instagram should not be the same as your email, for example. This also goes for your personal and professional passwords. Do not have the same passwords for...
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Video production is the present and future of business.

Video production is the present and future of business. If it seems intimidating and you are unsure of whether or not it’s worth the time and resources, let us assure you it is worth it. According to Wyzowl, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. In a world where content is primarily text and images, think about how captivating a video is instead. 


So, where do you start? It’s important your video content is in line with your business and goals. Here are eight content ideas to jumpstart your marketing efforts:


    1. Coffee with the CEO - How many times have you thought “I’d LOVE to pick his/her brain on how they got their business to where it is today?” When a consumer is able to connect with one of a business’ leaders, they are more likely to choose them the next time they need their services. Putting a face to a business...
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Google Web Stories, a “full-screen, visual experience optimized for your mobile device.”

There is a lot of news produced every minute of every day.

Google is focused on helping you maximize the way you interact with news on your mobile device and more importantly, news that you want to read. That is why they created Web Stories, a “full-screen, visual experience optimized for your mobile device.”  

When you open your Google app on your smartphone, you will see a variety of articles or “Web Stories” that are fed to you based on what you commonly search or content that you interact with regularly. For instance, if you are frequently googling information on a specific area, you will most likely be fed articles related to that area. 

From a business perspective, it is important to know how to create Google Web Stories for your clients. Getting in front of your community in this way can keep you top of mind and serve as a way to spread important news quickly.


Here are basic facts to know about the creation of Google Web Stories:...

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You hired talented professionals, but how do you keep them?

You can bring in all the clients in the world and have the most thorough strategy for your business, but if you don’t have a team that is on the same page with you, you have nothing. Having sincere, dedicated, motivated, and loyal employees mean everything. More so, you can hire talented professionals, but how do you keep them? There’s nothing more impressive than hearing about an individual who has remained committed to one company for the entirety of their career. How? What did that business do that was so special? If your employees are content, they will be your strongest advocates for your business.


As a business owner, you strive to get the word out to the public about your services and the success of your work. Many do not consider the power your employees have. They are walking billboards and free billboards at that! It costs $0 to have your employees tell their friends, families, former colleagues, and strangers on the street how wonderful it is to work...

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How to Optimize Your Search Results in Google Discover


Google is at it again to ensure that consumers are seeing content that actually matters to them. Google Discover is “helping you stay organized and in the know about the things that matter to you.” Google is doing the guesswork based on the content you normally consume, search for, or are sent from others. You are fed content that you didn't even know you wanted or needed.


So, what’s the catch? There’s no way to optimize your search results in Google Discover. As a business, you’re probably wondering, “how can I appear on my consumers’ search page?” Well, that’s not the point of Google Discover. But there are two simple tips that researchers have found to be helpful in better understanding and utilizing the platform:


  1. Post content that you think users would find interesting.
  2. Use high-quality images in your content.


That seems like the bread and butter to most businesses anyway, right? If that’s...

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The Marketing Resources and Updates You Need to Know In July 2020

We are living in a truly digital age. Our well-being is dependent on staying home and connecting through our devices. Big and small businesses are developing resources to help individuals succeed and learn more efficiently. With marketing being a fundamental contributor to the success of a business, it’s worth turning to a few helpful resources that highlight activities everyone should consider. If there’s one thing you do today to help yourself, read this. The Amplify team is here to shed some light on easy practices you can incorporate from the 2020 digital marketing trends. 

Google Launches Free Tool to Help Businesses Create Short Promo Videos

Google wants to see your business succeed which is why they’ve created a free video creation tool for YouTube. If you’re a business owner with little-to-no video experience, this is for you! It’s a straight-forward, dummy-proof way of marketing.

Instagram adds stickers for restaurants to sell gift cards...

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How To Build An Online Community From Scratch With Ash Czarnota of Go Galavanting

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2016, I immersed myself in everything outdoors. I took up peak bagging in the mountains of Southern California and Sierra Nevada. It didn't take long for me to notice the uneven ratio of men to women sharing the trail with me.

While the gender scales have balanced out over the years, the outdoor industry still suffers from a noticeable lack of diversity. In the same vein, it was hard to find online communities where women of the outdoors could share their experiences in a safe and moderated environment.

Armed with a background in marketing and a mission to cultivate a space to celebrate and empower wild women, Go Galavanting was born. Since 2018, the community has grown to over 17,000 community members with the #GoGalavanting hashtag accruing over 20,000 unique posts.

In this post, I’ll lay out the steps I took to achieve that growth and, with enough time and dedication, you can too with your own community. 

Laying the groundwork


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Grow Your Email List With The Right Prospective Clients

Email is used by almost everyone in the first world.

More so than social media, email is the hub of communication and creates more conversions than any other platform. Email is a direct and effective line to your clients and leads to a larger, highly targeted audience. Let’s dive into how to grow your email list like a pro with tried and true content marketing tactics.

 1) Create something of value they want – Draw your prospective clients in with an enticing lead magnet. A lead magnet is a piece of content you offer to your audience in return for their email address in order to gain access to the content. That content piece could be anything; a cheat sheet, checklist, eBook, email course, or a white paper. 

 2) Deliver content consistently and ask them to share with someone who might find the information valuable – Your email subscribers are your brand’s biggest advocates. Having...

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