How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020

You may be noticing some recent changes to the interface of Facebook and Instagram. It can be startling, confusing, and annoying, especially if you just got used to the last version. We’re here to let you in on a secret…Facebook and Instagram will never stop updating. We have to adapt and change with the times. With that said, the algorithm is changing as well. Your posts may not be doing as well as they used to and if you are putting effort into your posts, that can be incredibly frustrating. When you work hard, you want to see results.


But there is hope! We have a shortlist of “must-dos” that will absolutely change your success on Instagram. Here at Amplify we always say, “consistency is key.” Trust us, these tips will do wonders for your engagement and success as a business.


  1. Be true to yourself.
    Instagram does not want overly altered images. Avoid doctoring your photos and focus on organic imagery that gives your audience insight into who you are.
  2. Give your audience guidance.
    Most followers are unaware of the “post notifications” button. They may not see your posts and you know the saying “out of sight, out of mind.” Post a video on Stories asking your followers to turn post notifications on for your content. This will alert them any time you share content on your feed.
  3. Stories are the present and future.
    Stories are one of the most valuable tools on Instagram because your followers choose to view them. There is no algorithm for Stories. In most cases, content creators’ Stories get more views than their feed posts. We highly recommend investing your time in Stories because it gives you the chance to connect quickly with little to no effort. Break down the wall and show your followers the person behind the account. It will encourage them to engage more with your feed content.
  4. Invest time in video content creation.
    As predicted, the future is video! The algorithm favors video content. The same goes for utilizing IGTV. If you create content on your phone, you can make a video from 1 minute to 15 minutes. If you create on your computer, you have the option of creating an IGTV up to 60 minutes long. On average, IGTV gets more than double the views of regular photo content.
  5. Choose your titles wisely.
    Treat your IGTVs with importance. You should be spending time thinking about the title that you use because that will either make or break whether or not someone clicks to view it. If you were publishing a book, you would think about the title, right? The same goes for IGTVs.
  6. Hashtags are important for reach.
    Instagram does not want you to utilize the same hashtags in every post. In the past, creators chose standard hashtags that their audience followed, but that method is slowly fading away. Do your research and ensure that you are using hashtags with a 50k-500k count. That means that the hashtag has been used no more or less than that amount.
  7. Post at the right time.
    Utilize the Instagram insights feature! Head to your profile’s insights, click “followers” and then scroll down to see the days of the week and the times that your followers are most active. If your audience is most active in the morning, why would you post something that you worked hard on in the evening? You want your audience to see your content, so it is important that you cater to their needs as well.


We understand that it is frustrating to “crack the code” on social media platforms, but it is important to invest time in them because ultimately, they will be instrumental in the success of your business. Stay tuned for future blog posts as we continue to monitor social media platform updates.


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