Your Basic Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2021

Business is constantly evolving and it’s important to adapt. When it comes to a real estate marketing strategy, consistency is key. Follow these basic steps and you will see significant improvement in your business this year.


Social media is one of the most valuable means of connecting with your audience and potential real estate clients. It’s a direct light into your world both personally and professionally. It’s important that you remain consistently active on your channels and engage at least three times per week either through liking, commenting, or direct messaging. You know the saying: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Stay at the forefront of your audience’s minds by being consistently active on social media. If your followers see that you’re actively going to open houses, checking out new build opportunities, or improving your knowledge in the industry, they will be more likely to trust that you’re the right agent to go with on their next transaction.

Instagram and Facebook Stories are an extension from the use of social media which allow you to practically go “live” with your audience. You can talk directly to the camera and give updates on your day, talk about something you recently experienced in a transaction, or just show pictures from your work day without the commitment of posting to your feed. Stories are specifically a great way to give a behind the scenes tour of your business and can be done daily or as frequently as your schedule allows. What homes are you touring today? Share a useful tip for first-time buyers. How do you feel about the real estate market this week? Your followers will instantly feel more connected to you.

Newsletters are an excellent way to round-up a month’s worth of content, work, and learnings. You can dive much deeper into stories or business related information through a newsletter, such as the state of the market, newly instated laws, an amusing story from a transaction, or a killer deal on the market. Your audience is able to read it at their leisure too and can be filed away for future reference.

Weekly ad/boost on social is a strong means of driving traffic to your website. Ads reach a new level of audience that you otherwise would struggle to obtain. There are always clients out there looking for an agent to represent their next transaction. They may not know you yet, but they will soon! Ads also encourage people to go one step further in their interaction with your business. Putting a little bit of money towards ads weekly will make a big difference over time. 

Postcards are one of the most useful, physical forms of marketing. We’re living in a digitally focused world and while that’s very valuable, think about how special it is to receive something physical. It’s practically an anomaly. Get in the practice of sending a postcard monthly to a targeted area or list. Highlight a phrase that defines you in your business as a real estate agent, along with a photo of you and a home that you are currently representing. Let this piece of marketing be a true representation of your personality and business mindset.

Best marketing practices will change over time. It’s inevitable. One thing that will always be true is that consistency is key. Follow these best practices consistently and watch the magic happen.


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