The Changing World of Social Media

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

Social Media has blown up this year in a totally unexpected way. Consumers are spending more time on their platforms than ever and new mediums are popping up everywhere. The truth is...we’re not entirely sure what the social media world will look like by the end of 2021. As much as we’d like to look into our crystal ball and tell you with absolute confidence, we can’t. 


Apart from all of the uncertainty, we do know one thing for sure: you must determine where your audience is most active. Instead of trying to be present on every single platform that exists, do some research. Where is your client base spending their time most? Is it scrolling through images on Instagram, reading longer posts on Facebook, or broadening their minds on LinkedIn? While this requires a bit more work upfront, it’s a guarantee for long term success.


It’s important to understand that social media is way more than posting. You must have a strategy that includes a significant amount of engagement with other accounts, such as local community members, fellow industry professionals, or potential clients. 


So what does that mean for us? We recommend diversifying your social media strategy this year as new front runners are declared to keep your message visible, but also diving deeper on 1 or 2 networks that your target audience is most engaged on with daily liking, commenting, and general engagement. Conversions that happen on social media typically do so due to the effort a business puts into cultivating a relationship with their followers, and the best way to do that is through consistent engagement on each app, with a thoughtful approach to staying visible and relevant through conversations. 


We are committed to helping our clients make strong choices in digital media, through a thoughtful and targeted approach to building relationships online. To learn more, sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter here.



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