Deepening Relationships and Business Growth in Commercial Construction

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2020

With an established business and engaged following, this commercial construction team wanted to see growth in their business - but wasn't sure where to start. By maximizing their existing relationships, we were able to spark real, sustainable growth for their brand. 

The Problem: Our client needed a real strategy for deepening and developing relationships with their sphere online. They had a goal of 20% annual growth for a 3 year period, and knew that they needed to leverage their past work and their network to achieve their goal. 

Our Solution: We developed a relationship-focused digital marketing strategy that maximized their work and focused on social media, email marketing, and unique opportunities to connect with their target market in-person. We continuously adjusted our implementation based on ROI and tracking metrics for optimal results. 

The Results: Our client has seen annual growth of no less than 35% annually for multiple years running. A combination of their strong work output and digital maximization are huge contributors to these incredible numbers. 


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