How to Optimize Your Search Results in Google Discover

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2020


Google is at it again to ensure that consumers are seeing content that actually matters to them. Google Discover is “helping you stay organized and in the know about the things that matter to you.” Google is doing the guesswork based on the content you normally consume, search for, or are sent from others. You are fed content that you didn't even know you wanted or needed.


So, what’s the catch? There’s no way to optimize your search results in Google Discover. As a business, you’re probably wondering, “how can I appear on my consumers’ search page?” Well, that’s not the point of Google Discover. But there are two simple tips that researchers have found to be helpful in better understanding and utilizing the platform:


  1. Post content that you think users would find interesting.
  2. Use high-quality images in your content.


That seems like the bread and butter to most businesses anyway, right? If that’s the foundation of Google Discover, then perhaps it’s a gentle reminder as creators and businesses to look back to our consumers and truly think about what they want to consume after all.


What are the next steps for you as you think about utilizing Google Discover?


  • Ensure your page titles are a good representation of the content that will follow
  • Avoid incorporating unnecessary details with the intent of inflating engagement 
  • Keep your content insightful, relevant, and interesting 
  • Provide clear details that will establish transparency and trust with your consumers
  • Consumers love eye-catching images, so be selective in the ones you choose (at least 1200 px wide and enabled by the max-image-preview: large setting, or by using AMP.) You should not use a company logo for your image.
  • Establish expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness - that will keep consumers coming back.

Most importantly, remember that you should not depend on it as a reliable source of referral traffic. Fortunately, Google Discover is a tool that will amplify your content to individuals who truly care about consuming it. If they are naturally looking up “real estate” content, for example, and you write about real estate, they are more likely to see your content on their devices.


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