Grow Your Email List With The Right Prospective Clients

Uncategorized May 15, 2020

Email is used by almost everyone in the first world.

More so than social media, email is the hub of communication and creates more conversions than any other platform. Email is a direct and effective line to your clients and leads to a larger, highly targeted audience. Let’s dive into how to grow your email list like a pro with tried and true content marketing tactics.

 1) Create something of value they want – Draw your prospective clients in with an enticing lead magnet. A lead magnet is a piece of content you offer to your audience in return for their email address in order to gain access to the content. That content piece could be anything; a cheat sheet, checklist, eBook, email course, or a white paper. 

 2) Deliver content consistently and ask them to share with someone who might find the information valuable – Your email subscribers are your brand’s biggest advocates. Having someone give you their email address is akin to sharing their digital phone number. Show your audience you care and take their trust seriously by creating high-quality and shareable content. Whenever you create a new opt-in incentive, share it with your subscribers. If your business is hosting a free workshop or you just pushed out your latest blog, loop them in and continue sharing valuable information and relevant knowledge with your contacts long after they subscribe. Keep your subscribers happy and engaged and they will reward you by sharing your content and brand with their network. Be sure to include social sharing icons throughout your email to facilitate sharing. 

 3) Consistently share how to sign up for your newsletter – Once you optimize your content for building your subscriber count, remember to stay creative and reinvent the wheel when asking your audience to sign up for your newsletter. Of course, incorporate engaging CTAs, but don’t forget to pepper as many opportunities for your audience to opt-in as much as possible. Promote your newsletter across social media, embed a pop-up on your website, or drive your customers to subscribe via direct mail. 


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