You hired talented professionals, but how do you keep them?

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

You can bring in all the clients in the world and have the most thorough strategy for your business, but if you don’t have a team that is on the same page with you, you have nothing. Having sincere, dedicated, motivated, and loyal employees mean everything. More so, you can hire talented professionals, but how do you keep them? There’s nothing more impressive than hearing about an individual who has remained committed to one company for the entirety of their career. How? What did that business do that was so special? If your employees are content, they will be your strongest advocates for your business.


As a business owner, you strive to get the word out to the public about your services and the success of your work. Many do not consider the power your employees have. They are walking billboards and free billboards at that! It costs $0 to have your employees tell their friends, families, former colleagues, and strangers on the street how wonderful it is to work for your business. How about that?! 


The equation is simple: strong business values + genuine employee care = happy employees = authentic advocacy for your business. 


So, how do you empower your employees to be advocates? How do you make them raving fans of your business so they scream from the rooftops that “I LOVE TO WORK FOR MY BOSS!” 


Consider these steps to help equip your employees to be advocates for your business:

  1. The Strength of Social Media

    You have the potential to double or even triple your already established audience by properly utilizing social media. In the early stages of social media, many employers would have recommended their employees to steer away from utilizing social media for their business. However, if utilized properly with established standards, social media can be incredibly powerful. Encourage your team to candidly talk about their work and what they love about the company culture. Going on a team-building retreat or out to celebrate a recent success? Posting on social media will communicate that you care about the well-being and progress of your team and celebrate when you hit goals. We’ve all seen something on social media that makes us envious. Now it’s your time to make other people want something you have!

  2. Word of Mouth Drives Leads

    Your employees have bustling lives outside of work. Yes, they absolutely should! Picture this: your employees are at their monthly dinner party with their neighbors and closest friends.

    “How’s your job going, Sarah?” “Super well actually. I have a really strong relationship with my manager and our team has a natural bond that helps us work efficiently. Yeah, the work can be challenging at times, but when we hit our goals, we celebrate. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!”

    Well, what you didn’t hear is that David is actually looking for a job and Sarah just totally sold him on working for your company. Word of mouth is powerful and you never know who is in the market for a new job. If Sarah completely hated her job, that conversation would have gone differently and David would have avoided your company like the plague.

  3. Personal Connections = Free Recruitment

    How much have you spent on recruiters or advertising for new roles? I’m sure a lot. More than you’d like to admit.

    The beauty of employee advocacy is that their authentic voice and recommendation comes at a cost of $0. Even if you were to offer an incentive of say, $500-$1000 per referral, that is a small price to pay for quality leads. Your employees will only recommend individuals they want to work with. It’s unlikely your employee would recommend someone unqualified for the role as it is a direct reflection of themself.

    Additionally, it’s important to consider the time saved on your HR Director’s calendar as well as yours. If you have less time spent interviewing candidates that may be qualified, then you have more time to bring in new business.

  4. Your Employees Know Your Business Better Than Anyone Else (Well Besides You)

    Utilize the invaluable advice of your employees. They know what it’s like to work in your company, for your clients, and especially for you. Lean on your team to better develop your brand purpose. What does it mean to work for your business? What are areas you can improve upon and what areas are truly stellar? Once you establish company values, you can empower your employees to share those in authentic ways, thereby effectively utilizing employee advocacy.

It’s important to remember that these processes take time, but the return is so incredibly valuable. Invest in the success and strength of your team so you can in turn utilize their network to your benefit. 


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