The LinkedIn Algorithm Has Changed: 5 Tips to Consider

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2020

Social media platforms are ever-evolving. Just when you think you understand how a platform works, a new algorithm will be put into place or new features will pop up. LinkedIn is the only platform of its kind, connecting professionals around the world with career advice, relevant news and job opportunities. Over the past year, the algorithm has changed on LinkedIn and it has become more and more challenging to have your posts seen by connections and beyond. 


While no one will ever fully comprehend how to be “LinkedIn famous,” unless you’re the team behind the schemes, there are some basic tips to follow that will undoubtedly make your reach go further.


  1. Ask yourself: “Is my post relevant?”
    Relevancy will always connect with people more than anything. If your post is discussing a hot topic in the news this week or highlighting someone in a field who is doing great things, then your post will be liked, commented on, and shared by more people. 
  2. Timing is Everything
    The quicker your post gains likes, comments, and shares, the faster it will be passed on to other users who you may not be connected with. Make sure you are responding to all comments and shares from your post. 

  3. Use Specific Hashtags
    When choosing what hashtags to include in your posts, be sure to use industry-specific ones. It will draw like-minded professionals who are interested in your content and business.

  4. Connect With Common Industry Professionals
    When you are connected with individuals who work in the same field or engage with similar content, your post is more likely to appear for your feed. Take a few minutes every day to connect with professionals in your city, industry, and job title. 

  5. Diversify Content & Hashtags
    Be sure you continue to think innovatively and don’t get too comfortable with your hashtags. It’s important to continually change your hashtags and share content that isn’t just “trendy” but unique and meaningful. Be a unique voice in the crowd!


There will never be an exact equation to reach ultimate LinkedIn success, but what we can tell you is that it’s important to evolve with the times and educate yourself as much as possible. When done right, LinkedIn can help your business tremendously.


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