Residential and Commercial Real Estate Growth

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2020

Our client, a top agent in both commercial and residential real estate, was ready to take her business to the next level. She needed help identifying new opportunities to stay in front of her audience in both markets, and wasn't sure where to start. 

The Problem: Our client had an established client base, but needed help growing a targeted audience for her commercial real estate business. Beyond this, she wanted to double her volume within her residential real estate business. 

Our solution: We started with a targeted digital growth campaign that engaged with decision makers at companies in her local area. We layered in a targeted messaging campaign, driving towards in-person meetings and showings. 

Once we had this campaign running, we layered in a separate ongoing residential campaign that included social media content, email marketing, text messaging and more. Layered together strategically, these pieces were developed to be on-brand with her personality and sales style. 

The results: Two years in, she's hit her sales goals and is on track to hit her 2020 annual goal as well. With creative messaging and attention to market shifts, we're able to quickly pivot with the market to adjust her reach and message, and consistently generate new leads out for both sides of her business. 


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