Social Media Safety

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2020

Social media can be incredibly effective at connecting you with loved ones, colleagues, and clients, but if it is not monitored correctly, your information can fall into the wrong hands. We’ve heard of a few horror stories recently and wanted to re-share some of the straight-forward tasks that all social media users should consider in order to keep their personal and professional accounts safe.


  • Password Protect Your Phone
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but a phone password is actually not mandatory. If you have apps that contain passwords, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then you should absolutely password protect your phone. If someone were to find your phone and easily access it, they could do damage to your accounts and furthermore steal your accounts.

  • Diversify Your Passwords
    Your password for Instagram should not be the same as your email, for example. This also goes for your personal and professional passwords. Do not have the same passwords for your personal email as you do for your business’ social media accounts or even worse your bank account, otherwise, if a hacker accesses one account, he can access everything.

  • Utilize Dual Authentication
    Just because someone has the correct password to an account does not mean they should necessarily have access to the account. “Dual authentication” or “two-step verification” requires the person logging on to show a second form of proof. For example, most platforms will require a second authentication code sent to an email address or phone number. While this may take a minute longer in the process, it will most definitely protect you from trouble down the line.

  • Limit Social Media Password Access
    Ensure that you entirely trust the individuals who have access to your accounts. The individuals who have the password should be using the account for your business’s benefit. If a team member leaves the business, it is wise to change the password. Even if someone leaves amicably, you have the right to full control of your accounts.

  • Monitor 3rd Party Applications
    You may be connected with 3rd party applications without knowing. Go through all of your social media accounts to see if there are any third-party applications that have access to your personal social data. If there are applications that you do not need or are unaware of the purpose, discard them immediately. Lastly, make sure that you are comfortable with the information those applications can access. It’s entirely okay to be selfish with the data that you share.


While this may seem extravagant for a simple Instagram or Facebook account, it is imperative that you not only protect yourself but also your business. Unfortunately, there are individuals who seek to do real harm. If you monitor your accounts and follow these steps, you will maintain strong account health.


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