Success Story: Newsletter Drives Lead Generation Opportunities

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2020

We create ROI for our client’s marketing spend with our targeted email marketing campaigns across a variety of mediums. In this situation, we were able to generate direct leads by leveraging a newsletter to drive conversions. Our unique strategy to this particular success was custom to this client, and is relatively simple to implement.

The Problem: Our client wanted to maximize their opportunities for lead generation within their established network. Relationships drive their business - and their referrals - forward. This differentiator is their best tool for developing new business but they were struggling to grow their relationships on a digital level.

Our Solution: We developed a strategy focused on the idea that trust is built through relationships. Leads are more likely to convert if those individuals know the people behind the company. We leveraged their monthly newsletter for lead generation. We included more behind-the-scenes content at the company, and personalized tips that this client's audience would be interested in, while repurposing blog and social content that this audience may not have seen previously.

The results: After the third month of this approach, our client received outreach from existing contacts that had not connected with him recently. These messages all referenced the people updates that had been included in this newsletter. By focusing on building the relationship online,  we were able to deepen this client's connection to their sphere, grow their pipeline and drive new leads tied directly to this initiative.


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