The Marketing Resources and Updates You Need to Know In July 2020

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020

We are living in a truly digital age. Our well-being is dependent on staying home and connecting through our devices. Big and small businesses are developing resources to help individuals succeed and learn more efficiently. With marketing being a fundamental contributor to the success of a business, it’s worth turning to a few helpful resources that highlight activities everyone should consider. If there’s one thing you do today to help yourself, read this. The Amplify team is here to shed some light on easy practices you can incorporate from the 2020 digital marketing trends. 

Google Launches Free Tool to Help Businesses Create Short Promo Videos

Google wants to see your business succeed which is why they’ve created a free video creation tool for YouTube. If you’re a business owner with little-to-no video experience, this is for you! It’s a straight-forward, dummy-proof way of marketing.

Instagram adds stickers for restaurants to sell gift cards and food delivery

It’s no surprise that restaurants greatly suffered during the pandemic, so Instagram has created a way for community members to support from a safe distance. Simply put up a sticker on your Instastory that directs your followers to the restaurant’s website where they can order food, purchase merchandise or buy gift cards. 

Three Effective Ways to Stay Agile and Relevant in Trying Times

Being aware of the latest marketing trends isn’t an option - it’s a necessity! Your brand may have been thriving pre-COVID, but the last few months have flipped the world upside down. Curious about practices you should adopt to get you back to where you were or surpass those expectations? Read up on the emerging best-practices that will guide you and your business in the right direction.

The Paid Search Podcast | A Weekly Podcast About Google Ads and Online Marketing

It’s time to kick your marketing efforts up a notch! Google AdWords experts and Google Partners Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman cover everything from pay per click to Google Ads to online marketing, and how to advertise your business effectively. This podcast will help business owners, digital marketing agency employees, and pay per click freelancers make the most of their Google AdWords budgets.

 Why You Need to Create Accessible Videos

Consumers are used to absorbing information through text all day, which is why video content is where you should be focusing more of your efforts. Break through those traditional barriers and delight your audience in a new way! Additionally, videos have the ability to be viewed or listened to by anyone, including those with disabilities. This article will educate you on why this medium can drastically change the success of your business.


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