Tips To Creating Better Content That Converts

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2020

Content is king.

Maintaining a consistent content calendar can help your brand convert. Content is king and it’s the ultimate inbound marketing practice for a reason. When you create content, you’re offering valuable information at no cost to your community, attracting more leads to your website in addition to retaining existing customers through quality engagement. If you’re at a loss of how to begin building out a robust content strategy of your own, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks below: 

 1) Create a list of topics you can build content for – Build content around trending topics in your industry your audience will be interested to read about. You can organize your brainstorming session through topic clusters. Build out your topic cluster around your main keyword to create a pillar piece that covers that topic in depth. Moving forward, you can then craft shorter pieces like infographics, blog posts, or how-to guides that let your audience delve into the topic and target long-tail keywords. If you’re still stumped for ideas, we recommend picking up your favorite books, industry white papers, competitor sites, or related searches on SERPs. Once you’ve mapped out your ideas, you can start developing your editorial calendar.

 2) Hire a ghostwriter – Avoid getting in the weeds and take some work off your plate – Amplify can help with that! Ghostwriters are a smart investment because they help companies build brand awareness faster. Rather than an executive allocating precious time to creating and publishing content on the company blog, contracting a reputable ghostwriter can expedite the process of elevating your brand’s presence. Management should only be focused on managing the business side of things, let your ghostwriter oversee content that will help convert promising leads into loyal customers. 

3) Maximize everywhere – Crosspost your content to every active social media platform and email. While social media acts as a great relationship building tool, it can also be used to strategically promote your brand’s content. When you strike the right balance between self-promotion, sharing useful information, and entertainment, social media serves as a great platform to both create and share branded content. Additionally, email is one of the most effective methods of reaching your audience to share content. Remember, the people on your email list have voluntarily opted in to receive updates from you. Even better, you can improve open rates by sending relevant content to targeted lists of contacts who will be eager to gobble up any content you send their way.


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