Video production is the present and future of business.

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2020

Video production is the present and future of business. If it seems intimidating and you are unsure of whether or not it’s worth the time and resources, let us assure you it is worth it. According to Wyzowl, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. In a world where content is primarily text and images, think about how captivating a video is instead. 


So, where do you start? It’s important your video content is in line with your business and goals. Here are eight content ideas to jumpstart your marketing efforts:


    1. Coffee with the CEO - How many times have you thought “I’d LOVE to pick his/her brain on how they got their business to where it is today?” When a consumer is able to connect with one of a business’ leaders, they are more likely to choose them the next time they need their services. Putting a face to a business is incredibly valuable.
    2. Our Company Culture - There is a reason a group of people decides to work for a company and that is most often due to the culture that exists within the business. If your team has a thriving company culture, show it off! What do you do that makes it so special?

    3. Insider Tips - Give your audience the gift of knowledge! Everyone wants to know your best business tips to achieve success.

    4. Recap: This Month’s Blog Posts - Using video to call attention to your blog posts can help boost those viewers. It’s easy to miss the first announcement of a new piece of content. Since video is even more captivating, use it as an opportunity to get more readers on your posts. Additionally, having the chance to speak more in-depth about the topics you discuss in your blog posts is a great way to build rapport.

    5. Interview Series - Your network is strong and filled with empowering and inspiring individuals that your audience would love to learn about. Ask your interviewee pointed and thought-provoking questions that will leave your viewers wanting more!
    6. A Day In The Life - What does it mean to be you? Give your community an inside look into your day-to-day tasks and how you operate in order to achieve maximum success. Whether that’s your first cup of coffee at your desk or team meetings or emails, this is a great way to get your audience to understand you better!

    7. Monthly Success Stories - A lot of good can happen in a month’s time. Whether it was a personal success or a team success, highlight them on video!

    8. What’s Inspiring You This Month? - Have you read a book, listened to a podcast, or watched a film that really left you feeling inspired? Share it with your audience!


The hardest part is always starting, but with a supportive team and a strong action plan, it is easily attainable. Think about content that resonates with you and could with your audience. Being genuine in your content and delivery will make for even better results.


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