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Three Tips For Social Media Success

Quick Tips to Make Your Social Media Efforts More Successful

One of the most common things we hear from new clients? “I know I need to be ON social media, but it doesn’t really DO anything for me.” 

In actuality, our clients are seeing a lot of growth from social media – when they use it the right way. And oftentimes, that starts with some basic tips that help you make your social media accounts….more social. 

  1. Include Contact Information in Your Profile

People often spend a lot of time building up their social media profile, increasing followers, creating compelling content, and beefing up engagement. Yet, they often make a critical mistake. They don’t make it easy for a follower to get in touch with them by keeping their contact details visible.

You may think that having your contact info on one platform is enough- this isn’t the case. Even if your social pages

contain a link to your website,...
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Keep Your Visuals Consistent

Quick Tip Tuesday: Are Your Visuals Representing Your Brand Well?

Many people are so focused on the message that they lose sight of the importance of the visuals that they are using in their marketing campaigns. Visuals are key to having consistent brand awareness. You should consider making a style guide that contains a logo, color palette, and font that is used consistently across all your visuals. This will give your brand an identity, and will increase awareness and affiliation with your brand. Further, you should consider taking your own images opposed to stock images in order to create a specific look that represents the feel of your brand. Visual consistency should always be an important component in your marketing strategy.

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Speed Up Your Time To Close: Keep Potential Customers Engaged

Quick Tip Tuesday: Keeping Prospects Engaged

Moving your potential customers from prospect to closed sale efficiently means keeping your prospects engaged from the time that they’re introduced to your brand through the purchase. That means that you are going to need content that is continuously providing new and valuable information. The question is; how do you manage to say the same thing, without the prospect losing interest? The answer is diversifying your content format. Consider using formats like blogs, videos, info-graphics, case studies, and e-mail marketing. Changing the format allows you to keep the message the same, but make the content new. #amplifytip

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Improve Your Website's SEO

There are many ways to improve the SEO of your website and add content consistently to your blog, but one of the best ways to drive the right kind of content is to work with a ghost writer. A ghostwriter can give you the well-written high quality content that your website needs in order to rank well on Google searches, and also help you build out the type of content that will resonate with your target audience. Plus, since content is probably something that falls to the bottom of your to-do list, you’ll build automatic consistency by hiring someone to support your efforts in content creation. Not sure where to start? We can help! Message us to learn more.

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How To Manage Your Projects Like A Pro

It's the new year. Your company is focused on goal setting.

Going into the new year, your company is focused on goal setting. Your team has probably put their heads together to build out a strategic sales and marketing plan and formulated what projects to tackle in order to meet these goals. That’s the easy part! Oftentimes, implementing these plans is where we all jump on the struggle bus.

If you’re encountering difficulties carrying out those great tactics you outlined going into the new year, we have a few tips to help:

  1. Invest in a project management system: Without a project management system in place, it can be easy for your team to veer off course due to the lack of set guidelines on what should be accomplished by who and when. Precious time is wasted when team members don’t have a clear understanding of their objectives and expectations. This can affect one’s productivity. Your project management system...
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Real Estate Brokerage Recruiting Campaign Success

Our client, a large real estate brokerage, was in need of recruiting engagement and digital lead generation to grow their agent roster. 

The problem: Our client had an excellent recruiter, but needed to build consistency in their recruiting flow to maximize the short real estate recruiting period each year. 

Our solution: We created an ongoing campaign that combined content generation, email marketing and text marketing to nurture previously identified prospects and set them up on calls and appointments with the client's recruiter. 

The results: Our client has had record success with identifying and recruiting the right prospects to their business. Because their recruiter is now able to focus on the in-person relationships, they can set more appointments and worry less about managing the back-end implementation of their recruiting program. 

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Success Story: Millions Of Impressions For PR Campaign

With a goal to build awareness, we run an annual PR campaign for member recruitment that generates millions of impressions and hits conversion goals consistently. 

The problem: Our client, a youth organization, runs an annual membership drive. To build awareness among Millennial parents, they needed a publicity campaign that grabbed attention in the right way.

Our solution: We created a combination campaign that leveraged live PR opportunities in the Twin Cities area, plus a grouping of millennial mom social media influencers who we had worked with in the past. We created a concentrated approach that lead to 40 social media posts in a 4-day period, along with 6 live television slots over a 6-day period.

The results: With over 151,000 impressions on the localized influencer campaign, and millions of total views on the PR campaign, we were able to drive significant numbers within their target demographic in terms of engagement. We met our client’s...

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Success Story: Newsletter Drives Lead Generation Opportunities

We create ROI for our client’s marketing spend with our targeted email marketing campaigns across a variety of mediums. In this situation, we were able to generate direct leads by leveraging a newsletter to drive conversions. Our unique strategy to this particular success was custom to this client, and is relatively simple to implement.

The Problem: Our client wanted to maximize their opportunities for lead generation within their established network. Relationships drive their business - and their referrals - forward. This differentiator is their best tool for developing new business but they were struggling to grow their relationships on a digital level.

Our Solution: We developed a strategy focused on the idea that trust is built through relationships. Leads are more likely to convert if those individuals know the people behind the company. We leveraged their monthly newsletter for lead generation. We included more behind-the-scenes content at...

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Success Story: Client Becomes Top 5 National Producer

By developing a successful sales and marketing plan, our client was able to see measurable growth. This plan helped develop new leads and turn prospects into clients.

The problem: Our client was relatively new to his sales role in a highly competitive mortgage market. He needs a way to generate and nurture new leads. In order to convert new business, he needed to stay in front of his target audience on a regular basis.

Our solution: After defining his goals, we developed a marketing plan leveraging multiple touch-points with prospective clients. We implemented our proprietary LinkedIn program, along with a simple monthly e-newsletter and a mini social media campaign. This program was used to curate new leads and help him stay in front of his network in a consistent, value-add way. ROI reports were consistently sent to our client to ensure his prospective client list is up-to-date. The reports also provided him with the opportunity to follow-up with his engaged...

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Deepening Relationships and Business Growth in Commercial Construction

With an established business and engaged following, this commercial construction team wanted to see growth in their business - but wasn't sure where to start. By maximizing their existing relationships, we were able to spark real, sustainable growth for their brand. 

The Problem: Our client needed a real strategy for deepening and developing relationships with their sphere online. They had a goal of 20% annual growth for a 3 year period, and knew that they needed to leverage their past work and their network to achieve their goal. 

Our Solution: We developed a relationship-focused digital marketing strategy that maximized their work and focused on social media, email marketing, and unique opportunities to connect with their target market in-person. We continuously adjusted our implementation based on ROI and tracking metrics for optimal results. 

The Results: Our client has seen annual growth of no less than 35% annually for multiple...

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